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Preparing for Summer Podcast on Joyful Courage

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Casey invites fellow Positive Discipline Coach, Melissa Benaroya, to discuss surviving Summer Break. In this episode they offer practical tools and solutions to set you and your family up for a successful summer. Two to three months is a long time to keep your kids occupied and stimulated.  Get an insight into the importance of boredom and why you don’t have to plan every single second of your children’s vacation. Tune in and learn how routine and summer coexist to help you have fun too! 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The value in creating a summer consistency so your family knows what to expect.
  • Why routines are not confining but an invitation to freedom.
  • How consistency helps encourages children to manage themselves.
  • Why moments of boredom are necessary and the benefits it offers growing kids!
  • How to use mindfulness when creating a summer schedule.
  • Tools are discussed to set up family agreements on everything from daily schedules to screen time use!
  • You’ll learn how to involve your kids in creating a fun summer everyone will enjoy! 

Want a guide with my top 4 tips to summer sanity?  Download your cheatsheet here: